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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Expressions in Wood, Glass, and Bamboo - Katzenbach and Kevolic

Please join us for Artists' Gallery's next show:

"Expressions in Wood, Glass, and Bamboo"
featuring Charlie Katzenbach
and Norine Kevolic

September 7-30, 2012
Opening reception: Saturday, Sept 8, 4-7 pm

It's supposed to be a two-artist show, but when Charlie Katzenbach's and Norine Kevolic's latest work debuts at the Artists' Gallery on September 7, visitors will see immediately that "Expressions in Wood, Glass, and Bamboo" relies very heavily on the artistry of a third. Call her "Mother Nature".

Norine Kevolic
16" x 16"

"For this show, I wanted to illustrate how my ideas and abstract thoughts find symbolic expression in natural materials," Kevolic says. "Each mosaic represents a single idea that surfaced during the creative process, while also incorporating another interesting way to use bamboo. My intention was to bring out the subtle beauty and versatility of the material in an elegant way."

Charlie Katzenbach
"Stepping Out"
wood sculpture

Katzenbach, whose preferred medium has primarily been oil painting on glass, here also embraces wood, in the form of downed tree limbs. "With names like 'Getting Closer to Yew' and 'Reflections on a Beech', this work is intended to be both humorous and handsome" says Katzenbach.

Although Charlie's and Norine's aesthetics are different, they share a profound respect for the natural world and for craftsmanship. In addition, they both find inspiration in the spiritual. You might say, in fact, that their roots are the same.

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