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Saturday, March 17, 2007

April Show: Constructions and Reconstructions

New Works by Nancy Shill and John Treichler

Our April show at the Artists' Gallery is: Constructions and Reconstructions, an exhibition of new works by Nancy Shill and John Treichler. The show runs from April 6th through April 29th. The exhibition highlights works in mixed media and photographs from the local artists. A reception for the artists will be held on the evening of Saturday, April 14th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Shill will be demonstrating her technique for creating uniquely imaginative collages and Treichler will be discussing his photographs on Saturday, April 7th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the gallery.

Nancy Shill
“Barrow Street”
mixed media collage
“I learned an irreverence for the standard interpretation from Roy Lichtenstein”, says Shill, describing the time she spent studying with him at Douglass College. Shill went on to discover uniqueness in cast-off paper and other articles, searching for and resurrecting them. Her intuitiveness in building collages involves challenging the balance between colors, tones, shapes, lines and textures in what she calls an “uninhibited adventure”.

Happy to share her skills and talents with others, Shill will be teaching at the New Hope branch of the Michener Museum for the UARTS program this spring. She’ll also be teaching at TheArts in Stockton. Shill will show students how she works with a multitude of materials including varieties of papers and ephemera, found objects, transfers, fabrics and transparencies as well as mixed media techniques such as layering and deconstruction. Shill will also demonstrate the use of several adhesives and encaustic methods and how she incorporates their use into painting and drawing.

A member of Artsbridge, New Hope Arts, the New Hope Art League and the Doylestown Art League, Shill has exhibited her work at many juried art shows in the area. Some of her recent awards and honors include “Best in Show” from the Prallsville Mill, the Lloyd Lawrence Award from the Phillips’ Mill Art Association, and Honorable Mention from the Plastic Club of Philadelphia. More information about Shill’s work can be found on the web at

John Treichler
"Red Bull and Vodka"
In his first exhibition as a featured artist, Treichler will be exhibiting photographs of mostly local scenes, with a twist. “I want to show you a scene or a subject that feels familiar, yet appears different enough that you experience it in an entirely new way”, he says.

Treichler finds the dramatic in the ordinary by paying particular attention to composition and line. His photographs are very carefully constructed, giving the image a feeling of energy and serenity at the same time. He strives for images that are perfectly balanced – in line, color, and tone. Working in both color and black & white, the subjects of his photographs range from urban landscapes to abstract organic forms.

The Rising, a book featuring photographs by Treichler on the recurring flooding in Lambertville, will be available at the exhibition. Largely a self-taught artist, he is a graduate of the Art and Aesthetics program at the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA. More information about Treichler’s work can be found at

The Artists' Gallery is located at 32 Coryell Street, Lambertville, NJ, and is open 11 to 6pm Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays or by appointment. 609-397-4588 or

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Birdhouse Art!

Here are some more photographs of our birdhouses for the Bucks County Birdhouse Style benefit auction. (Photos courtesy of our resident photographer, John Treichler.) There is still time to see them at our gallery before they go off to auction.

Just a reminder: the benefit party and auction will be held on April 1, 2007, 6:30 pm preview, 7-9pm auction held in cooperation with, 215-862-2780

New Hope Arts Center
2 Stockton Ave . New Hope. PA
$15/person 215.862.9606
Tickets: 5th Season . 30 W. Bridge Street

And now, our creations, with the artist noted below (click images for a larger view):

J. Stacy Rogers

Merle Citron

Charles Katzenbach


Beatrice Bork

Alla Podolsky

Jennifer Cadoff

Florence Moonan

Gail Bracegirdle

Joe Kazimierczyk

Sheila Letven

Richard Harrington

Taylor Oughton

left to right: John Treichler, Alan Klawans, Nancy Shill

Nancy Shill Collage Classes

Nancy Shill will be teaching collage at TheArts in Stockton for a 3 session class on Tuesdays, April 17th, 24th and May 1st.

Artist/owner Gabrielle Kantor can be reached at: 609-773-0207, fax: 609-773-0208.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bucks County Birdhouse Style

A Birdhouse Auction for New Hope Arts

"Spirit House"
by Florence Moonan

The Artists' Gallery will be participating in an auction to benefit New Hope Arts. Artists from all around the area have created birdhouses which will be auctioned off at a benefit party on April 1, 2007 at New Hope Arts Center, 2 Stockton Avenue in New Hope, PA. All proceeds will benefit the New Hope Arts Building Project. New Hope Arts, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the rich cultural heritage of the area.

The Artists' Gallery birdhouses reflect the diverse styles of our artist members - the birds will love them and so will you! Actually, you'll probably want to keep our houses inside your house on your living room mantle, but you can always buy the birds their own house if you decide to keep ours for yourself.

Our collection of birdhouses will be on display at the Artists' Gallery, 32 Coryell Street, Lambertville, NJ during the month of March - stop by and have a good look before they're taken off the the auction block at the end of the month.

Here are a few of our creations, but there are more at the gallery (click images for a larger view):

by Gail Bracegirdle

"Do Sparrows Dream of Oceans Deep"
by Joe Kazimierczyk

"Egyptian Birdhouse"
by Sheila Letven

The Auction:
The benefit party and auction will be held on April 1, 2007, 6:30 pm preview, 7-9pm auction held in cooperation with, 215-862-2780
New Hope Arts Center
2 Stockton Ave . New Hope. PA
$15/person 215.862.9606
Tickets: 5th Season . 30 W. Bridge Street
Hope you can make it!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

March show: Truthiness

The Art of Merle Citron and Stacie Speer Scott

When artists Merle Citron and Stacie Speer Scott are featured at the Artists’ Gallery, the front room vibrates. Citron and Scott have been a part of the local art world for more than twenty years. Both painters have exhibited in numerous group and one-person art shows and both share the same interest in design, color, and subject matter. It’s just that they differ in their approach to their own personal truths. Their two-person show, Truthiness, opens Friday, March 9th and continues through Sunday, April 1st. Please note that there is no opening reception for this show, but please do visit anytime during normal gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sunday 11-6.

Merle Citron
16x20, oil
For Merle Citron, painting is a soul thing. “There’s something awesome about finishing a painting and believing that it came through me, rather than from me,” she notes. “My art is where I can be me. Since my work is about me and since I am fascinated, tickled, awed, amused and sometimes saddened by the people I find around me, I paint them.

Citron’s people speak to the viewer about life, its vicissitudes and its victories. “If it is possible to chronicle the universality of the passing scene, then I endeavor to achieve this in my art. And, if it is possible to fascinate, tickle, awe, amuse, and sometimes sadden my viewer, then I have achieved authenticity.” In addition to her “people paintings,” Citron’s still life paintings are also on exhibit.

Stacie Speer Scott
“Kedian Selling Flowers”
21x30, mixed media
Stacie Speer Scott finds her truth in chaos. Her sophisticated collages reveal her many loves and fascinations. According to Scott, “There is rarely a plan. The works are created from a jumble of materials, techniques, emotions, ideas and a lot of unfinished business. The process of developing a work of art intrigues me. Once I have begun a work, I tend to paint many paintings in one piece. I often collage into the works and build them or extend them by joining together several works, which in my mind are connected, primarily through relationships, which could be about color, shape, an idea, a reference or all of these things. Although chaos may reign throughout the process, in the end I strive for a unified resolution to the work of art.”

The Artists' Gallery is located at 32 Coryell Street, Lambertville, NJ, and is open 11 to 6pm Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays or by appointment. 609-397-4588 or

Nancy Shill Collage Workshop

Mixed-media artist Nancy Shill will be teaching a collage workshop at the Michener Museum in New Hope, Pa. Casses run from March 7th-28th. It's not too late if you enroll immediately.

University of the Arts Classes

Thanks to a partnership between University of the Arts Continuing Education program and the Michener Art Museum, you'll now be able to take continuing education courses in the arts at the Michener's new satellite location in New Hope at Union Square. In addition, graduate level classes for educators are offered at both the Doylestown and New Hope locations.

Collage Workshop
Wednesdays, March 7, 2007 through March 28, 2007 · 10 am to 12:30 pm. Instructor: Nancy Shill

Please contact the University for information : 215-717-6095, fax 215-717-6538,

Read more about Nancy on her website


Friday, March 2, 2007

Sheila Letven - 2 shows

Gallery artist Sheila Letven has one show in progress, and one coming up very soon:

shown: "Best of All Possible Worlds"

Sheila Letven showing photography:

Widener University Art gallery
One University Place
Chester, Pa.

March 6 through April 14, 2007
Reception: Saturday, March 17, 1-3

Juried Alumni Scupture Show

Moore College of Art & Design
20th St. & The Parkway Phila. PA
in the Graham and Wilson Galleries

Feb. 24 - March 18, 2007
Reception: Fri. March 16, 6:OO pm - 10:00 pm

shown: "Guardian Angel" wood, gold leaf & paint

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Passion Photos

These photos are from the opening reception of Passions on Feb 10. The opening was very well attended, and our artcard raffle was a great success. If you weren't present when your raffle ticket was picked, you will have received your artcard in the mail by now. (In case you missed it, we raffled off 4x6" pieces of original art and prints made by the gallery artists - our 'artcards').