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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Memories of Change - the art of Alla Podolsky and Laura Rutherford Renner

"Memories of Change"
Alla Podolsky
Laura Rutherford Renner

Oct 6 - Nov 6, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday Oct 8, 4-7 pm
Closing Reception: Sunday Nov 6, 3-6 pm

The spaces and people that enable us to grow and thrive, the settings that are beset by transformation or neglect, are the focus of the work by Alla Podolsky and Laura Rutherford Renner at Artists Gallery in Lambertville, NJ, from October 6th to November 6th, 2016, with an opening reception on Saturday, October 8, from 4 to 7pm, and the closing on Sunday November 6th from 3 to 6pm.

Alla Podolsky's work is all about the memories. "I paint memories of places, events, faces, emotions. Fleeting things. Things that change constantly, even in the ways we remember them. It's a rush to preserve them, to keep them as experienced. Which is as nearly impossible as it is tempting. Memories tend to change on us, the further we get removed from them, so my paintings are imprecise. They are all about that change, and a way of holding on."

Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, Alla Podolsky traces her love of psychological painting to the Byzantine-style iconography of that city. After immigrating to the United States in 1990, she continued her art education at Moore College of Art and Design (1995), and later received Master's Degree in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (1999). She continues to paint and develop her voice as an artist.

Laura Rutherford Renner is an artist whose paintings on wood depict contemporary life in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Her work has been included in various juried exhibitions and shows, recently as a juried member of Artists Gallery in Lambertville, NJ, and at the iconic Philadelphia Sketch Club. In addition to her painting career, Laura is a practicing Occupational Therapist and the published author of several OT biographical articles. She lives in Collingswood, NJ. Laura has previously exhibited in Artists House Gallery in Philadelphia for nearly 10 years.

While Podolsky is a long time member of the Artists' Gallery in Lambertville, Renner is in her first year of this partnership, and this is an exciting opportunity for both artists to have their works exhibited side-by-side. They share aesthetic sensibilities and the love of the genre painting. Even though their approaches differ, there are connections and parallels that make for the dynamic and interesting visual dialog.

Together, they have attracted art collectors from the region who value their depiction of feeling for place and the inherent interactions that happen there. This intriguing and powerful exhibit will please art lovers throughout the region.

Visit the event website for more information about this show.

Visit the event website for more information about this show.

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