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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in Review

Here's a look back at Artists' Gallery's 2013 show schedule:

"The 18 Artists of Artists' Gallery" was our December 2012 / January 2013 show, featuring the talent of all 18 gallery artists.

February was "Lyrical", a group show celebrating poetry and song through fine art.  Each piece of artwork in the show was accompanied by a quotation from song or poetry which inspired the work.  We will be doing a similar show this February.

Our 2013 series of 2-person shows began with Norine Kevolic and Paul Grecian in "Breathing the Same Air" - an expression of the importance of the land and nature through fine art.

April brought us "Patterns of Life" featuring the sculptural ceramic creations of Patricia Lange and the watermedia paintings by Carol Sanzalone.

Pat Lange

Carol Sanzalone
"The Color Underneath"

Doesn't everyone love a diner? Maybe not, but when photographer John Treichler and painter Rich Harrington team up for an exhibition of works with the classic American diner as the subject matter, the results are as tasty as the Blue Plate Special with a side of cheese fries.  Our May show was "EAT" featuring paintings by Rich Harrington and photography by John Treichler.

June brought us Doug Sardo and Joe Kazimierczyk in "Sunshine & Joy", an exhibition capturing the sense of joy found in the sunlit places of this region.

"Artists are storytellers. And colors are our words." Those are the words of painter Alla Podolsky. She and Charlie Katzenbach teamed up in July for "True Colors".

The sea, animal life and vivid colors set the narrative for "Stories" featuring the work of Eric Rhinehart and Charles David Viera in the month of August.

September brought us "Concepts + Realizations", featuring the work of Alan J. Klawans and Andrew Werth.   Both artists conceive their artwork through the lens of abstraction and they will be teaming up again for a 2014 show.

October's show featured Beatrice Bork and Jennifer Cadoff in "Points of Origin".

Our 2013 series of 2-person shows concluded with "Outside / Inside" featuring Gail Bracegirdle and Mike Schweigart.

2013 concluded with the group show "AG 18/18/18", in celebration of the gallery's 18th year of operation, our 18 artists, and our location at 18 Bridge St.

This show is currently running and will be up until February 2, 2014.

Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks to all of our friends, patrons and collectors for your continuing support.  We hope you have a fantastic 2014!

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