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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Blank Canvas

Some artists are intimidated by a blank canvas - that vast expanse of white just waiting to be filled... will it be a masterpiece, or something less?

Artists' Gallery is now faced with our own blank canvas - the new space for our gallery. There is much work to be done but it's not intimidating at all - it's exciting! And it will be our new masterpiece!

Besides moving our furniture and supplies, we're putting a lot of thought into the lighting we choose, the signage for the outside of the building, the general layout and wall rotation scheme, and countless other details.  So many of the procedures that we had down pat after 15 years at Coryell Street, we'll have to reinvent and see how they work in the new space - the layout is very different than our old space, as you'll see when you get here.

Less than 2 weeks away is our first day of business at 18 Bridge Street: Friday, March 5, 11am - 6pm.

The Grand Reopening reception will be Saturday, March 13, from 5pm - 8pm.

Here are a few images of our new blank canvas:

We will continue to run 2-person shows every month, and our first show at 18 Bridge Street will be "Local Color" - landscape paintings by Michael Schweigart and Joe Kazimierczyk.  We'll share more information about this show very soon.

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