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Thursday, July 10, 2008

July show: House of Dreams

Marc Reed and Alla Podolsky are the featured artists this July at The Artists' Gallery. Their show, entitled "House Of Dreams", runs July 11 through August 3, 2008. Opening reception is Saturday, July 12 from 6 - 9 pm.

"Organic Demolition"
photograph by Marc Reed

Reed, who typically exhibits his oil paintings, will be exhibiting selections from his photographic body of work.

"I've been taking photographs for years" says Reed. "Each winter for the last three years I chose a different abandoned location to document."

Reed will be exhibiting photographs from various locations including an abandoned steel mill, paper mill and an abandoned mental institution he documented over winter 2008. In addition to his photography, he has produced and directed 3 short films that are available on DVD.

"For me" says Reed, "House of Dreams is a reference to these places, once bustling with life, but now engaged in a long sleep and filling visitors' heads with dreams of what was."

"Outside of a Dog"
oil painting by Alla Podolsky

For Alla Podolsky House of Dreams is about the shape and structure of memory. The beauty of it is manifested by brightness and color, and its sadness comes in form of distorted and often broken angles and muted shadows. The paintings are juxtapositions of old and new, remembered and lost, romanticized and real, reflected and direct, internal and external, seen and perceived.

The work is very personal, but, hopefully, universal in that we all revisit the past, always looking at it from different angles our ever changing perspectives provide. We all see old things with new eyes and take walks in our private house of dreams.

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