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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Landscapes We See - the art of Heather Barros and Bill Jersey

"Landscapes We See"
Heather Barros
Bill Jersey

August 6 - September 6, 2020

Heather Barros and Bill Jersey train their eye upon an inhabited landscape, albeit a landscape momentarily void of inhabitants. We understand that this is a populated environment because we see traces of human endeavor - paths, bridges, buildings, and the like. Neither artist obligates her or himself to a literal representation, and both are willing to edit an element whenever it benefits her or his composition. Thus both paint expressively. Yet each sees in a very different way. This allows us, as viewers, to better appreciate how perception is diffracted through the lens of creativity.

Bill Jersey
"New Blossoms Old Limbs"
oil on canvas  

Bill Jersey paints more boldly, generally on larger canvases and with a surreal palette. His color choices may be grounded in reality, but what we see is the product of an inspired imagination.

Heather Barros
"Sourlands Uphill"
oil on canvas

Heather Barros paints on a more intimate, human scale. While her canvases vary in size, with several comparable to those of Bill Jersey's, their feeling is entirely different. For her, landscape is a metaphor for her surroundings as much as it is a state of mind.

Please note that there is no opening reception for this exhibit due to social distancing recommendations. The gallery will be open our regular hours and we hope that you can visit us. Until then, please check out the links below to see the show online!

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Artists' Gallery Virtual Tour
Artists' Gallery 360-degree Virtual Tour
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Bill Jersey / Thinking About Painting
Bill Jersey / Thinking About Painting
Heather Barros / En plein air, Tuscany
Heather Barros / En plein air, Tuscany

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