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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Show - Realizations: Ideas That Became Art.

New works by: Alan J. Klawans and Florence Moonan

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 12, from 4 to 9 pm
Show Dates: April 11 through May 4, 2008

Alan Klawans and Florence Moonan will be exhibiting their latest "ideas that became art" at Artists' Gallery.

Alan Klawans' images for this show were created on his computer. Most of his work is autobiographical. The prints are recollections of past events, family members, fishing trips, travel adventures, movies, flea market experiences related to his collections, and walks through the neighborhood in which he lives.

The pieces in the "Realization Series" are small-scale works inspired by a map drawing with ink on paper that he had made a few years ago. He combined sections of the map drawing with other graphic material and computer drawing to create these prints. Other prints in this exhibition were created by working with postage stamps, scraps of metal, tools and other objects that found their way into his studio.

"X Map"
original digital print by Alan Klawans

Abstract painter, Florence Moonan was born in Trenton, New Jersey and raised in Lambertville among a family of artists. Her father encouraged her by giving her a new set of acrylic paints. Through painting she discovered a new way of expressing her ideas and her emotions. Inspired by the spirit of music, her first painting series recalled childhood performances in the Lambertville Music Circus. Music continues to inspire her as she works through the painting process. "When I listen to the music of Puccini, I'm transported. If I can’t sing it, I’ll paint it."

Facing only a blank canvas and surrounded by her paints, brushes, and knives she intuitively feels her way through the work. Add to this, her interest in texture and experimentation, combined with her beliefs, attitudes, and history, and the realization of an emotionally charged canvas is born as she scratches, wipes, sprays, builds up and rubs away at the surface. She often takes the inspiration of a successful piece into the creation of a series and produces additional works until the possibilities are exhausted. A bundle of ladies handkerchiefs stored among family mementos were the impetus for the pieces in this show.

mixed media by Florence Moonan

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